There’s one way to do fashion right – the way that makes you feel great. What you can wear or when you should wear them are secondary as long as how you feel is your priority.  

However, if you are a lover of trends, you may find yourself wondering every now and then if it’s okay to wear something or not. Well, if you’ve been wondering if it’s stylish to wear chokers in 2021, the answer is yes.

All the way from the 1990s, chokers have made a huge comeback and are still very trendy and stylish in 2021 and are one of the best fashion items you could have in your jewelry box today

Although there have been myths about what it means to wear a choker with some inferring that chokers are a seductive or provocative way of women saying “choke her”, the choker holds no such sentiments. While chokeholds are often associated to BDSM, a person wearing a choker as a fashion accessory should not be sexualized unless they consent to it.

Chokers are a lovely piece of accessory and it is rather saddening that one could see them for less than they are.

They are designed to stretch thin across the neck in a versatile and elegant way that draws attention to the cheekbone, collarbone, jawline, and neck of the wearer. They come in different weights, lengths, and sizes and are easy to wear and take off. They also come in handy when you feel the need to add a little bit of personal charm to complete your look.


Here are some style inspirations for the next time you consider wearing a choker.

Pair with a blazer


Complete your Boho look

Chokers are great with tank tops

Leave a few buttons undone 

Wear a layered choker 

Off-shoulders give chokers more room to shine 

Celebrities over the years have accessorized with chokers round their necks at different occasions from red carpets to ballrooms. And in turn, their styles have given us inspiration for styling chokers.

Chokers can be worn on tank tops, cropped tees, ball gowns, checkered shirts, little black dresses, brightly colored outfits etc. There is no limit to the options you get to choose from – you just have to be bold enough to try.

In 2021, chokers can be worn to casual or formal events but regardless of the type of event and the look you are trying to pull off, there would always be a choker you can rely on to give you the perfect look. 

Carefully consider the length and width of the choker and the outfit with which it would be paired to avoid committing a fashion faux pas and you’d have successfully pulled of an elegant outlook.

Thinking of wearing chokers for your next event, you can recreate any of these looks by checking out our collection of stylish and trendy chokers.