We live in times where fashion is always on the move and nothing goes unnoticed. Maybe you are not one for switching wardrobes on a whim. Let’s talk about how you can catch on some trending styles while working with your familiar outfits. 

A lot of times trends and vogue could change too often that you have wardrobe-fatigue. This is also one of the reasons why repeating outfits has become a sort of taboo, but not for those who can get the best fashion accessories. 

And, when the internet has its eyes on you, you could become the next sizzling article of gossip blogs without even doing a thing. Ask celebrities.

However, if you invest so much into a piece of dressing, shouldn’t you at least be able to throw it on as much as you like without feeling like you are breaking the law? Well, we think so too.

So, how do you confidently repeat an outfit?

The answer – get creative!

Okay, it’s not that simple! A little bit of creativity here and there can help you smash the repeat outfit game and save you from being thrown under the bus even if the blogs talk about you. 

Being creative helps you deal with the troubles of why not, when not, where not, and how not to repeat your outfit by helping you figure out just what to do.

Before you get jittery about this move, relax and understand that what is considered “repeating outfit” is not a crime. And, if it were, some really daring people have committed this crime and you’re just about to be inducted into the invisible hall of fame. This hall of fame includes the likes of former First Lady Michelle Obama, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, actresses Mindy Kaling, Tiffany Haddish and Jessica Alba, singer Selena Gomez, and model Hailey Baldwin Bieber to mention a few.

So, get your confidence rocking and get ready to repeat those never-been-worn-more-than-once outfits of yours like a pro!

Here we go:

1. Switch the Footwear – Pairing an outfit with a different pair of shoes can be an ultimate game changer. Switching from boots to pumps, and heels to sneakers etc. may be all the innovation you need to repeat your outfit.

2. Switch the Hairstyles – Pulling the hair up, back, or sideways is a great way to change looks while repeating outfits. A trim or an extension, or even color can bring so much novelty to a seemingly repeated outfit. For extras, consider pairing the outfit with a headband, beret, beanie, brooch or any other headgear that fits.

3. Switch Accessories – First, can we agree that accessories are underrated? Changing accessories while repeating outfits is a great way to confidently show up. You can mix and match and repeat without actually repeating a look. Isn’t that great?!

4. Switch Bags – Bags and purses and clutches are an important part of your dressing and they can take your look from casual to corporate and vice versa. So, the next time you are thinking of repeating an outfit, switch the bag and rock it with confidence. 

Never forget that the main ingredient in the recipe of repeating outfits is creativity.