A lot of people consider brooches as irrelevant or outdated pieces of fashion accessory but contrary to this notion, the brooch is a strong willed, versatile and fun item that keeps making a comeback through the years. 

Although they were initially designed with the intention to secure pieces of clothes together or make them fit better, the brooch has transcended this use to become an item of adornment.

Thinking about the versatility of the brooch; when strategically placed, it can be worn on different parts of the body without looking out of place. 

You don’t agree? 

Would you wear a belt on your neck, or a wristwatch on your ear? 

No? That’s right!

But the brooch can be worn in different places – alone, as a pair, or a cluster – and the outcome will be absolutely fabulous. 

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Over the years, there have been different types of brooches which include the pendant, bar, foliate, enamel, portrait, and mourning brooches (which have now been abandoned).

Nowadays, brooches are worn on scarves, sweaters, jackets etc. Here are five (5) trendy ways you can wear your brooch today.

  1. On Your Neckline – Ditch your necklace and pin a brooch to your shirt or dress at the neckline. For a bolder and eye-catching statement, consider having multiple but complementary brooches along the neck of your dress.
  2. On Your Lapel – It doesn’t have to be a special occasion before you add a brooch to the lapel of your jackets. Pair dark colored brooches with bright color jackets or pair a Gold and Silver brooch with dark colored jackets, and you are good to go!
  3. In Your Hair – Stepping out in a sleek ponytail, bun, or French twists? Consider attaching a brooch or more to your hair and watch your style go from plain to classy. You need your creativity to nail this as brooches were not made for the hair, but with a few bobby pins and hair clips to hold your hair down, you can pull this off.
  4. On Your Headpiece – Pin one or more brooches to your berets, beanies, fedora or floppy hat to give it some extra flair.  You can pair this with a brooch on the neckline, collar, or lapel of your outfit. 
  5. On Your Necktie/Scarves – Consider adding a brooch to your scarf or necktie the next time you wear one. Just ensure the color and patterns of the brooch and scarf do not clash. 

For a smart looking outcome, you should always consider the weight of the fabric you want to pair against the weight of the brooch. Ensure there’s a balance so that one doesn’t wear out the other.

Also, never forget that style is personal and whatever look you choose to go for should always resonate with your style.

If you would love to try out some of these ways of wearing brooches but you don’t own any, you can start your collection by ordering one or more of our elegant brooches from our store.

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