Bracelets have been around for a while and don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

Actually, why should they? 

The answer is nothing because they have managed to remain one of the most interesting and unique accessories from generation to generation.

Bracelets come in a variety of colors, sizes, and embellishments and are made from all sorts of different materials from leather to metals, and beads. 

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You can hardly ever go wrong wearing a bracelet but like every other piece of fashion accessory, there are occasions that they are better suited for.

They provide an ample amount of sophistication and can up your fashion game from one level to another if you pay close attention.

When choosing bracelets, the size of your wrist and your preference are the most important followed by the occasion you intend to wear the bracelets to.

Bracelets can be tight, slightly loose or loose—fitted but those are options determined by your personal style and preference.

You don’t want to look out of place with your bracelets so, here are three (3) occasions when you can wear a bracelet and your best bet for each.

  1. Casual Outings – If it’s a laid-back party or dinner, a concert or movie date – as long as it is informal and your sleeves won’t cover it, go for a beaded or gold bracelet. Intentionally choose your outfit to accommodate your bracelet and go have some fun. As long as you are confident, it wouldn’t matter if you wear those same bracelets on a daily basis. However, considering durability, you should pick a beaded bracelet over a leather bracelet if you’d be going to the beach or pool.
  2. Business Engagements – Of course! Bracelets are not left out of formal settings, you just have to be subtle with your choice to avoid causing unnecessary distractions. For example, a dangling bracelet will be a bad choice if you have to make a presentation, same goes for any bracelet with rattling sounds. A formal setting doesn’t require extravagant embellishments and a simple leather strap will be just fine. You can also wear a charm bracelet with elegant designs depending on your personal style and what you’re pairing it with.
  3. Weddings – The ambience of wedding ceremonies makes it a great place to show off your collection and stand out from the crowd. You are allowed to be a little extra and make a statement when choosing bracelets for a wedding. You can go for beaded bracelets like the Onyx beads bracelet and Coral beads in our store or settle for custom bracelets with any other embellishment of your choice. Still, you can choose to go subtle for a wedding depending on your style.

Finally, when choosing bracelets, pay attention to every other item you’d be combining, so you can pull off an exquisite look.

The colors of your cloth, shoe, bag, hair etc. are equally important and they can make your choice of bracelet a hit or miss.

So, how do you wear your bracelets?