Necklines – A Guide to Necklaces

One question you should answer before you add a necklace to your cart is whether this fits into your personal style.

Nothing beats having a personality or style and rocking it with utter confidence!

Oh! The relief of knowing you don’t need all the neck pieces in the world to make a great fashion statement. Sadly, a lot of us are still struggling to accept that less can be more.

One other thing you should consider before you buy a necklace is your wardrobe. Even if it fits into your personal style, does it have a place among the pieces you own in your wardrobe/closet?

Taking a moment to reflect on the clothing items you have and the ones you are likely to buy in future will help you decide if that purchase is a miss or hit. The last thing you want to do is pay for a necklace only to realize it can’t be paired with any of your clothes.

What do you do? Change your wardrobe or leave it on the drawer till you shop for clothes that fit?

No, we would not suggest that. The most important and complicated part of getting the right necklace has to do with the neckline. Necklines matter when it comes to choosing a necklace because some necklaces look better on certain necklines than they do on others.

Here’s a list of necklines and the types of necklaces you can pair with them for an elegant look.

  1. Turtle Necks – Due to the folds around your neckline, turtlenecks give room for fashion necklaces. With turtlenecks, you should consider long necklaces; opera, matinee, and multi strand necklaces pair well with this neckline. The longer the chains, the more elongated your torso will be and eyes will be focused on your upper body.
  2. Strapless Dresses – If you are looking to expose your skin, collars, chokers, and any other short necklaces are your best bet. They highlight your neckline without taking the focus off your body and dress.
  3. V- Necks – They come in all sorts of types – wide, deep, narrow, etc. but they all have a common focal point which is your chest. For this, you can choose a long or short necklace that compliments the V-shape and elongate your neckline.

For casual outings, you can also leave the neck bare, it works just fine.

  1. Scoop Necks – Quite popular, outfits with scoop necks afford you the chance to choose from a variety of necklaces because of the amount of neckline space they provide. When picking a necklace for a scoop neck dress, choose something with multiple strands or layers. The aim is to fill up the open space, so don’t choose anything that extends below the scoop.
  2. Boat Necks – With boat necks, the goal is to be simple and elegant. Statement of flashy necklaces are a no-no as they create a distraction from the neckline. Consider a 16-18 inches’ princess necklace or long pearls for a classic look.

Above all, always remember to stay true to your personal style.