5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Imagine having to stand your date up while searching through a pile of tangled jewelry only to find half a pair of your favorite earring.

You know what this means? Now, you have to change your outfit – further delaying your date – and spend more time making the decision of what to wear.

These things happen but they are totally avoidable. The best way to avoid this is by organizing your jewelry.

Although the thought of organizing jewelry can be overwhelming, the process and end result can save you time and the embarrassment of showing up late to your date, amongst other things.

Here’s a list of five (5) ways to organize your jewelry for easy accessibility.

  1. Wall Display – For this, you will need simple hooks with adhesive that make them stick to the wall or get a piece of wood that you can screw into the wall and attach hooks to. Afterwards, add your necklaces and earrings to the hooks, arranging them as you deem fit. This method not only helps to keep your jewelry tangle-free but can also serve as a form of wall art.
  2. Pegboard Organizer – Pegboards are materials with spaced perforations for hooks used in the display of different items. A pegboard is ideal for you, if you have a large collection of jewelry to organize. You can always custom it to taste and also paint it to match the theme of your room décor.
  3. Jewelry Armoire – This is an elegant way to keep your jewelry organized. The armoire makes for easy accessibility of your jewelry with its in-built compartments designed to help you keep your bracelets, rings, earrings, etc., sorted. They are usually lined in velvet, so you don’t have to worry about your jewelry getting damaged.
  4. Drawer Compartments – Storing jewelry in drawers is an age old practice but you can always switch things up to your taste. Having a velveteen fabric placed inside the drawer before adding your jewelry is a great way to cushion them and protect them from tarnishing. Using a drawer also helps you create sections for different jewelry items like your rings, brooches, pins, etc.
  1. DIY Hanger – Get a cloth hanger and take out the part that holds the cloth. Use a marker to make holes where you would love to put some hooks. Drill holes into the marked spot and screw in the hooks. Spray paint the hanger and hang it wherever you like.

There are lots of DIY Organizers that you could put together to organize your jewelry, you just have to get creative.

Always remember that it is not enough to have a collection of jewelry, taking care of them is one of the most important steps to truly appreciating your collection.

Taking time out to organize your jewelry not only helps you keep them from getting missing or damaged, it also helps you declutter your space as you are easily able to keep track of every piece in your collection.

Which of these method would you be trying out?